Quarterly summary 15Q3

outumnLook at that, 3/4 of the year had passed. I’ve seen many of you doing monthly or even weekly summaries, but let’s face it – I don’t read that many books, so I decided to do it once every three months.  Look at it this way – you won’t get that many emails from me ;). Or maybe you’d prefer me to do a shorter summary every month?

Let’s get to a short history of these last 3 months…

First of all, the most important day of them all: 17.07.2015 – my first blog post ever. The post that started it all :). You don’t have to check it out, it’s really nothing (although I’m tempted to modify it now).

Here I want to mention that I already have over 150 followers from WordPress and it’s awesome! You guys are amazing! I haven’t even been here full 3 months. I love you all! There are also people from FB and Twitter but let’s face it – they rarely visit. Even so I love those people too :-).

Here are the books I’ve read for the last three months. I’m putting them in order from the worst to the best, but I’ll keep the series together, so I guess it’s the average for them. I liked reviews to every cover, at least for those books that were already reviewed by me.

star-full-icon star-full-icon

the light keepers smell of magic

star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon

Everything I do Sergeant at arms dream engine

star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon

A man after midnight Witches Protection Program  Fallin in love with Homonids Lumiere Under the Emyrean Sky the wind has teeth tonight blightborn

star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon star-full-icon

The boy from the woods 932671 salem's vengeance 25131312 Glitches Little Witch

Currently preparing reviews of these books for you:

Berkley the first man sign of four 19197254 Print 26164334

All in all these were 3 good months in reading. Most of the reads that got into my hands were nice and writing their reviews was a pleasure. I hope the next quarter will be as good. Here’s the sample of what I’m about to review next, off course it might change 🙂 I might get some other books that I’ll want to read. Three of those are certain: Salem’s legacy, and Noir. Others might change, but here they are:

Salem's Legacy - Cover 25450930 10456730 15702972 24781389 24929496 25271796 25649108 25703752 26220373 25829036 12731861 11731861 25953603 22753787 cover74115-medium cover73289-medium


3 thoughts on “Quarterly summary 15Q3

  1. Panda

    Wow! Congrats on 150 followers!! I haven’t read any of those books really but the cover of that Daemon Seer reminded of the Les Mis logo haha 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I think that’s a part of why we’re all here – to tell others about new books we’ve read or maybe to revive some old ones that not too many people know. It’s nice to find a potencially interesting book through other blogs.

      Liked by 1 person

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