Grimm Fairy Tales episode 3

Hello again πŸ™‚

Here comes the time for five more Grimm tales from the famous brothers. And this time I’ve got one of the famous tales – Rapunzel. You might know few versions of this one, I think the closest one was a part of the “Into the woods” movie. But I’ll get to that later.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode:

  1. The Rose
  2. The Twelve Brothers
  3. The Pack of Ragamuffins
  4. Brother and Sister
  5. Rapunzel

Some of the illustrations will contain text in Polish. This was a part of them in the book and I didn’t want to alter the images, so I left the text as it is.

The Rose

img041Today we’ve got a very short story to start with. I’m afraid I will give up the ending even though I don’t want to.

It’s a story about a poor family – a mother and her two children. One of the children goes to the forest and finds a beautiful, friendly boy who helps him. At the second meeting, the beautiful boy gives the child a rose and says they will meet again when the rose fades.Β It is a sad story. The rose seems to symbolize the child’s life. It seems even though he lived in poverty, he had a good, happy life.

I wish I had a moral for you, but the only thing I could bring out of this story is to trust your child.

The Twelve Brothers

This is a story of twelve princes, their royal parents, and their future sister. Boys’ father, the king, tells their mother that if his next child will be a girl, he will kill all the boys to provide his daughter with all the wealth he can.

12 - the twelve brothers

Queen can’t stand that thought. One day she tells her youngest son what their father has in plans and tells Benjamin to take all of the brothers and run to the forest. She also tells them to watch the flag over the highest castle tower. With this flag, she will let them know if her next child is a daughter who will condemn them to death.

Boys indeed run away and find shelter in an enchanted house.

It’s one of those stories that have nice, happy ending and even the scary, close-to-death moment isn’t that bad.

All in all, it’s a good story. Yes, there are still those moments of instant love, etc, but it seems it’s like that in all of these stories. As I wrote in the previous episode – I wish there was more description in between the action or even facts.

What you should bring out of this story is: treat your children well, fix your mistakes and watch what flowers you pick up πŸ˜‰

The Pack of Ragamuffins

Oh look, a story about animals :). In this one, we’ll have a hen, a rooster, a duck and some non-animal characters.

13 - The Pack of RagamuffinsHen and rooster decide to eat some nuts from a nearby tree before the squirrel hides them all. They do as they say and when the time comes to go home they make a carriage from a nutshell and intend to leave in it. [these were some huge nuts]

The problem is, neither of them wants to pull the carriage. Lucky for them a duck shows up and picks up a fight with the rooster because the couple stole her nuts. Rooster is lucky enough to win this fight and he makes the duck pull the carriage.

Those guys were really annoying. Plotting against others, preparing some nasty jokes, using others for their plots. I wouldn’t want to deal with this bunch.

Moral: watch who you let into your home and make them pay up front.

Brother and Sister

Here we have a story about love, hate, and fate.

A little brother and sister decide to escape home after having enough of their stepmother’s abuse. They go to the forest, thinking that will be a safe place for them. The problem is their stepmother is actually an evil and jealous witch and she won’t let them go that easily. She enchants all the streams in the forest.

14 - Brother and SisterThe children have to drink. They skip two streams, that would change them to tigers and wolves, but the little boy can’t stop himself from drinking from the third one. He changes into a wild deer.

The girl swears to take care of him, puts a golden chain around his neck and they move into a small hut in the woods.

Maybe they would live their lives like this, rather happy, but alone in the woods, but fate had some more adventures planned for them. And they start when the king decides to go hunting and the deer wants to see it.

Here’s yet another story with a happy ending, where protagonists get all that’s good and the villain is being punished in a rather cruel way. Another story I actually liked, although I have to admit it loses a bit in translation.

Moral: don’t seek revenge, don’t plot against your stepchildren, be good and loving.


And here comes Rapunzel. Yes, I do like this story in this version and in others.

15 - RapunzelIt all starts with a couple who are about to have a baby and a witches garden. Future mother really wanted some salad from the witches’ garden. She knew she can’t get it and she starts to get thinner and sicker because of that. Finally, her husband decides he can’t stand this anymore and he decides to sneak into the garden and steal the salad.

Obviously the witch catches him and they make a deal – he will get the salad, but for that the witch will take his future child.

As you probably know a girl is born and the witch names her Rapunzel. To hide her from the world Gothel (because that’s the witches name) locks Rapunzel in tower in the middle of the woods and the only entry to that tower is by climbing on the girls’ hair.

Yes, we all know about the prince, the love, and the hair cutting. Did you know that during his short stay in the tower the dear prince actually managed to make out with the sweet, innocent Rapunzel? Oh yes, there’s a scene when the prince finally finds his Rapunzel and she has her newborn twins with her. Long live happy family ;). Funny thing is there’s nothing in the story about Gothel’s ending. Did she stay in the tower? Did she fell? Well, her ending couldn’t be good anyway :).

Last thoughts? Stealing is bad! It will not lead you to anything good.

TV-Kitty-icon2Did you like those stories? Did you know this version of Rapunzel?

I did and I like it, but I can still enjoy the Disney’s Rapunzel movie πŸ˜€ and I love this scene:

The Lights by alicexz
The Lights by alicexz

[I’m off to watch the movie now…]


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