Tomahawks and raccoons

Here comes the review of the second part of Vengeance trilogy. If you haven’t read the first book… What were you thinking? Haven’t I wrote it was worth it? Come on now!

But let’s be serious (for a little while). This time story moves few years forward. Instead of Sarah, we’ll be following her little sister – Rebecca. You thought Salem’s witches given up on the chase after the Kelly family? Well, you were wrong.

Salem's furySalem’s Fury (Vengeance Trilogy #2)
by Aaron Galvin

My rating:  star-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-full-iconstar-half-full-icon

You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

After all that happened to Kelly family and their friends in the “Salem’s Vengeance” story, they were supposed to move on, maybe even visit Bishops home country. It seems they haven’t gone that far. Instead, they choose to stay with the Miamiak tribe.

This time story focuses on Rebecca – Sarah’s younger sister, now 17-year-old Brave of the tribe. Trained by Priest, whom she treats like father, she grew up to be one of the best warriors. She’s not haunted by the past, the only life she remembers well is with the Miamiak in the wilderness.

But the witches are resilient. Or at least one is – Mercy comes for Sarah with revenge and she’ll do everything to achieve it. Rebecca will have to do everything she can to save herself and everyone she cares for.

native american 2 by blaithiel
native american 2 by blaithiel

Yes, this indeed is another great book in this series. I felt it was paced a little bit slower than the first one, somewhat of a release from all the tension, although there were a lot of things happening here too. Rebecca had very little time to recover from everything, she had to keep on going. For such a young girl, she kept her nerves, used all skills she had learned from her father and she did it well.

It seemed to me this book followed similar schematics as the first one. It’s a good one, but I kind of hope the last book in the series will have a bit more diversity to offer.

Yet again the author presents us with some great language skills and fitting naming convention. I really enjoy this in the trilogy. It really helps to get into the mood of the story, find yourself in the middle of the action. And what action it can be. Be warned, there are few moments not fitted to the faint of heart.

And the ending… How could there be such a cliffhanger?! When I got to the last page I wanted to scream: “How could you do this to me!”. But it’s OK… I’ve got the last book waiting :).

If you haven’t read the series yet – Go for it!

If you haven’t read my review of the first part of this great trilogy check it here: Witch hunt.

TV-Kitty-icon2Do you think you’ll read the Vengeance trilogy? I surely will continue with the last book. I have to know what will happen next.

By the way, I know I have this (maybe strange) tendency to name my posts not with a title of the book I’m reviewing, but with something that I feel fitted the book, it’s mood or something that was in it. I wonder if you find it very annoying? I kind of like it that way, it seems a bit more original, but I know it makes it harder to find the book you might be looking for. That’s why I’ve created the Library page.


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