Grimm Fairy Tales episode 2

Oh look at that, it’s time for the second episode of the Grimm Fairy Tales series.

You might be curious how many episodes there will be? I was too, so I checked how many stories I have in this big book of mine and it will be enough for 43 episodes. Well, the last one will have 4 stories, not five but it’s close enough. I’m excited 😀 I didn’t know there’s so many of them! Well, there’s actually more, but for some reasons some stories weren’t included in later editions. If I’ll find them there will be few more episodes ;).

I hope you all will stay with me for the whole thing and maybe read along? True, some of those stories are creepy, some strange and most of them weird, but they’re still worth it. I’m sure I can figure out some new series when this one will be over. After all, I have just enough time to do so ;).

Children story will be first on the list. There’s ten of these, so the tenth episode will be the last starting with one of those Children Legends.

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode: 

  1. The Twelve Apostles
  2. The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids
  3. Faithful John
  4. The Good Bargain
  5. The Wonderful Musician

I think Grimm brothers could work a bit more on adding some more descriptions into those stories. They are all very simple, fact chasing fact with very little in between. No wonder there’s so many various retellings of those stories.

The Twelve Apostles

img041This was a short, strange, but rather a nice story. Everything happens 300 years before Christ is born. It starts with a family – a mother and her twelve sons. Their family is poor, it’s getting harder to feed them all. One by one the sons wander into the forest to find some food and make a life for their family easier. They expect to find work, maybe some money, but instead they find an angel who is willing to fulfill their one wish. What will the wish be?

As I said before – the story is quickly brought to the end. I kind of wish some of the brothers adventures were described, but I guess they got enough of adventures in another, rather famous book ;).

What would the moral be from this one? I would bet for: be humble and faithful and you will receive what you wish for. 

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids

(also known as The wolf and the seven little goats)

7 - Wolf and 7 little goats

This story reminded me a bit about Little Red Riding Hood (it had the bad, hungry wolf and the ending is similar). In this story, we’ve got mother goat, who leaves to get some food and warn her children not to open to a wolf and how they should recognize the wolf if he’ll come.

Obviously the wolf does come, seeing mother goat leaving the house, he tries to convince little goats he’s actually their mother and that they should let him in.

I have to say I kind of liked this story. Wolf was nasty but rather smart. Kids kind of did what their mother told them, the only problem was the villain who outsmarted them. And the finale (so Little Red Riding Hood) was quite good. All in all this was the best story from this week. That doesn’t actually says much since I kind of didn’t like the others, but this one was still nice.

Morale… what should the moral of this story be… Listen to your mother and hide well. My advice – don’t dance over your enemies grave, it’s just not nice ;).

Faithful John

I know I tried to keep all the spoilers out of those reviews, but this story was so ridiculous and had so many WTF moments that I don’t think I can tell you what I felt without them. That’s why, if you’d rather read the story before reading this little review, move on to the next story.

8 - Faithful JohnIt’s all starting with a dying king and his faithful servant – John. Just before death king tells John to show the whole castle except one room to the prince. And why should he hide this room? Because behind its door stands a portrait of the loveliest princess that ever lived and the king is afraid his son will fall madly in love with her and there will be no saving him. Unfortunately, the young prince doesn’t give John a choice and poor servant simply has to open that door. Obviously prince falls in love and decides that he has to find the princess and marry her. He decides to gather all the lovely gold items, pretend to be a merchant and find the princess.

Now the weird stuff begins to happen. What’s with the madly falling in love with the portrait? I know, there’s this love-at-first-sight etc, but with a PORTRAIT? Really?

Then there’s the princess… lovely as she might be, she’s also very vain. Not only she lives in the palace made of gold and has only gold items everywhere, she still wants more. No wonder she falls so easily for the princes trap!

After the prince kidnaped her, she apparently developed Stockholm syndrome with the speed of lightning, because as soon as the prince tells her who he is, she agrees to marry him.

You think that’s the end of the story? Oooh no, that’s not the end, there’s still a bunch of weird stuff going on with the crows that John can understand, the weird traps awaiting the young couple, John’s changing to stone and child killing… I can say this tale will not be in my top (whatever number) favorite.

Sorry for writing that much about it, I got carried away. Final thoughts about the moral of the story – trust your faithful servant.

The Good Bargain

9 - the good bargainThis is a story about one stupid but lucky man. Or maybe not that stupid. It all starts when he sells his first cow. He’s going home, with seven coins in his pocket, but when he’s going past a pond with ducks and what he hears is “two”, he starts arguing with the ducks (this is not one of the talking animals story) and finally he throws his money into the pond.

He does something similar with his next sell and when he starts demanding money he’s being brought in front of the king. Few wrong words and the next he knows – he barely avoids big punishment.

All in all the man gets really lucky few times, when you think he shouldn’t. At the end he somehow manages to outsmart the guy who wanted to cheat him. Or maybe it was yet another lucky moment?

I’m having tough time to think of morales for this week’s stories. Well, to tell you the truth I was never good at that ;). For this one, I’d say: be careful and generous, don’t lie and you will be rewarded. 

The Wonderful Musician

10 - Wonderful musicianThis is a story about a musician, who travels through forest searching for companions. The problem is he doesn’t want simply any companion and those who find him apparently aren’t suitable.

I honestly wouldn’t call this man “wonderful”. The way he treats the animals that want to follow him, want him to be their teacher is horrible. He’s plainly discriminating them and what’s worse – he gets away with it!

Basically, this story tells you to treat others as badly as you wish because you can always find someone stronger to defend you.

I’m starting to think it’s “the worse stories for children” episode. I wouldn’t want my children to follow any of these people or animals. Well, I might understand the goat, but it was still cruel.

TV-Kitty-icon2Do you remember any of these stories from your childhood? I can’t say I recognized them. It’s a big chance I’ve read them for the first time.

What do you think about today’s stories?

2 thoughts on “Grimm Fairy Tales episode 2

  1. I definitely cannot remember those either, which means, I should probably read them too:) I liked how you structured these reviews, and included the moral for each. The portrait bit of that story was kind of ‘funny’ (in a ridiculous way hah), but I think it’s all part of that fairy tale ‘vibe’. Speaking of which, it reminds me of this article (or a similar one) I have read a while ago:


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