Two month anniversary!

Yohooo!! Look at that. I’ve been here for two months already. It’s kind of fascinating, it might mean I’m going to stay here longer πŸ˜‰ and bother you guys even more with all my posts.


You might think “two months isn’t much”. And yes, it might not seem like much, the thing is if I get into something it usually has an expiration day that makes my interest go away. That can take from two weeks to a month, so you can see this blog is starting to be a permanent thing πŸ˜€ and I like that!

followed-blog-100-2xAnd another thing… look at this shiny achievement logo! I love you all for this! It’s so pretty:D.

The blog itself

You might’ve noticed I did some changes to the blog structure and the look. Yea, the changing theme action might happen from time to time. Sometimes I just need change. This time, I was both bored and a bit annoyed with the previous theme. It had one small issue – the tag cloud was horrible. Other than that it was perfect. I’ll be trying this look now and see how it will work.

Other than the theme, I’ve added the “Review policy” page. It might not get that many visitors now, but I’m looking into the future ;). And I completely changed my “About me” page.

Some numbers

Because I like numbers ;). I studied Computer Science, so I should like them right? True, I was more interested in graphics and the end, but I didn’t go in that direction and decided to work with databases and finally I ended up in localization company ;).


For me, it’s awesome :D. Thank you guys for every single view, for every precious visit, for all the stars!

What blogging did to me

It gave me something to think of all the time (yes, I’m still on this stage, I’m pretty sure this will pass). Now when I read a book I actually think about what I could write in my review. From time to time I note a topic I could use to start a post.

Blogging made me read some newer books and motivated me to write proper reviews. Before that, I usually was far behind with every read, series, etc. I rarely read books that came out in the same year. Now I have NetGalley, and even though I still need to work on my statistics there (I recently added quite many books to my shelf from “Read now” and I need to finish them before requesting new ones. I know I could request them now, but I simply don’t want to. That way I will have better motivation to finish my current reads.

I’ve noticed calendars are useful. By now I had no need for calendars, except maybe to remind me of someone’s birthdays, name days etc. Now, when I’ve started 2 new series (Grimm Fairy Tales and Top 5 Wednesdays) I kind of feel the need to write my schedule down and also place to keep my new ideas and thoughts about the books I’m reading. So a nice book-shaped calendar with lots of space to write in is going to my buy-before-new-year list (I just made this list up).

Blogging made me go social. Up to two months ago I was a G+ only user. Now I revived my FB account, I’ve created a Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and it actually feels fine. Off course they all take some time a day to check what’s happening, reply to some messages, post something, but it’s all nice and fun.

TV-Kitty-icon2 Do you like this new theme of mine?

How about the new and changed pages? What could I do to make them better?

What were your feelings after the first two months of blogging?


11 thoughts on “Two month anniversary!

  1. Congratulations on your 2 months of blogging!! I started in June so I’m just about right with you! I was frustrated at first with the lack of page visits but I was told to be patient. I know adding Twitter has helped and I try to interact with fellow bloggers. Keep posting and way to go!!!!


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