The lost light

I picked this book from NetGalley mostly because of a pretty cover and the number of requests ;). I know, that’s pretty shallow, but this one happened to be a great read! I have no regrets and the second part is already on my NetGalley reading list.

LumiereLumière (The Illumination Paradox #1) by Jacqueline Garlick

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You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Lumière will take you to the world of steam mechanisms, clever inventions, unusual people and deadly vapors. The world where the sun stopped shining and people are easily accused of madness.

Eyelet is a daughter of a great inventor, who died a tragic death on the day the sun stopped shining. She’s not a normal girl in standards of this world. She’s privileged enough to go to school, yet she’s afraid people will discover her seizures and send her to the asylum. Add to that the fact her mother talks to crows and you have an accident waiting to happen.

Steampunk Nekra world by RebecaSaray
Steampunk Nekra world by RebecaSaray

And indeed it does happen. Her mother, accused of wickedry, is about to be executed, and people want to make it a double execution, just in case the daughter takes after her mother. Eyelet has no choice but to run.

Now she has to find the machine her father invented to heal her. The problem is she’s not the only one looking for it.

First of all – I loved the beginning of this book. The author painted a great image of the carnival and the surroundings. I felt like I was just in the middle of everything.

There might not be that many characters in the story, but they are all important and interesting.

I liked Eyelet. She wasn’t perfect, at first she might be a bit immature, but she’s a teenager, she has every right to behave like she does. As the story progresses Eyelet gets stronger and smarter. She’s still a bit panicky in the wrong moments, but also brave in the right ones.

steampunk machine
This is actually an awesome looking coffee machine, click on the image to visit the page.

Ulrik is awesome :). Finally a hero who doesn’t look perfect, but has just the right character. He’s smart, inventive and caring. He also knows how to deal with troublesome guests… I admit, I had my doubts whether he’s sane or not, should Eyelet trust him or not, but it all worked out fine.

As for the main enemy – Smrt, he kind of reminded me of Snape from Harry Potter books, although he was much less likable (yes, I like Snape, but who doesn’t?)

All the events in the book build up nicely until the last chapters when everything blows up (well, kind of blows up if you know what I mean). Author planned it well. And the ending… it’s bad and good in the same time. Bad – because it’s a cliffhanger and you need to wait for the second book to know what will happen. Good because it’s a cliffhanger 😉 it’s like a promise to readers that the next book will start with something exciting. I can’t wait to start reading Noir.

It’s a very good beginning for the first book in s series (I do hope this will have more than two books). I can recommend it to young-adult and steampunk fans. You won’t be disappointed.

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