Grimm fairy tales – episode 1

Hello :). It’s time to begin this little series of mine.

I was thinking on how to do this. There are tons of stories in this book. At first I was going to choose similarly themed tales, but somehow I think I’d be lost quite fast. Since there’s this little chapter with “Children tales” at the end of the book and it has just a few little stories in it, I’ve decided to go with the one children story + four other tales scheme. Children story will be first on the list. I will let you know in future episodes if I’ll run out of these ;).

Fairytale by t1na

In today’s episode: 

  1. St. Joseph in the Forest
  2. The Frog King or Iron Heinrich
  3. Cat and Mouse in Partnership
  4. Our lady’s child
  5. The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was

I was trying to find some fitting graphics for those tales, but it’s not that easy. Some of the titles will get tons of Disney-like images, some will get nothing useful. That’s why I’ve decided to show you what pictures I actually have in my book. You won’t get master quality – for that you’ll need to get the book, but I will provide you with a pretty illustration for each of the tales (if it already has one in the book)

St. Joseph in the Forest

img041It’s one of those tales that I used to know in a bit different form. Although I don’t remember it exactly from my childhood, but I’m pretty sure it had a better ending. Because, how can you give an ending like this to what supposed to be a children tale?

This is a story of three sisters, their mother and a mysterious man from the woods. I’m guessing the man is supposed to be Joseph, but his name is never mentioned in the story. Girls travel to the woods, one by one, and receive what they deserved for their behavior towards the newly met old man.

Telling you anything more would reveal the story, so this is all you’ll get from me.

The story ends with a clear message – if you’re behaving scurvy you’ll get what you deserve.

The Frog King or Iron Heinrich

img037And here we have a story that inspired oh so many people to write “The Princess and the Frog”. We all know that one don’t we? A girl finds a frog. Frog claims to be a prince. They kiss. Magic happens and we’ve got a happy ending. By the way, I really enjoyed the Disney movie with Tiana and “Friends from the other side” is one of the best villain songs. Right after “Be prepared” because Scar rules!

Back to the story… This time, we’ve got a little spoiled princess, who receives help from a frog from the pond in exchange for a promise. The problem is the girl has no intention of keeping it. The frog won’t give up and he shows up at the castle demanding from the child what he deserves.

In the end, it’s the child’s father that makes the little princess fulfill her promises and take care of the frog.

Morale from this story: keep your promise, it might be worth it.

I can’t say I liked this tale much. The ending felt like it didn’t make sense, like parts of the story were cut off.

Cat and Mouse in Partnership

img039Well, this is a story that I remember from my childhood just as it is written here, what happened, the kitten names, the ending.

It’s a story of lie and misled trust. The story of a preventing, naive mouse and a praying, lazy cat.

Cat and mouse have an agreement to live together and to buy some winter supplies for harder times. After a while, the cat gets hungry and makes an excuse to quietly eat some of their food reserves.

What’s the morale from this one? I’d say – be careful who you partner with or you might get the worse of it.

Our lady’s child

img040Here’s another Christian story, there is quite many of them in the book, but it’s understandable if you see the times in which those stories were gathered and written down by Grimm brothers.

This story is about a child, who was given to Mary for safe keeping. Everything is perfect, the child grows up in happiness, but one day she disobeys her guardian and lies to her. For that, Mary decides to punish the girl and sends her to Earth to isolation.

I could tell you the end of the story here, but I don’t want to, so I’ll stop now ;).

Moral from this is very simple and forthcoming: repent and you’ll be forgiven. 

The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was

img042Here’s a tale of a stupid but fearless boy, who grows up dreaming about learning what fear is.

Title of the story pretty much explains what’s going to happen here :). A boy is chased out of his home by his father to learn some useful job. The boy is more interested in fear. Everyone around him knows how to be scared and he alone seems to be fearless. People around his town and on his travels try to show him what fear is, but what scares them doesn’t affect him.

I can’t put my hands on the message this story was supposed to tell other than: everyone has their own fears, some might have very few, some will have many. 

Find out what finally worked for the boy by reading the story.

A little summary

When I think of it, I wouldn’t give this book to a child. It might scare them too much or, at the best, confuse them. But they do make a great base for some bedtime stories. Add a little bit from yourself, maybe change some of the creepy moments and they will be perfect.

Expect the next episode in a week or so 🙂 I will try to keep this a weekly series, but sometimes it’s hard to find free time to write.

Can you tell me if you liked this first episode?

Maybe you have some suggestions?

Have you read any of those stories before?

Or maybe you remember them from your childhood?

And do you like my new Question Kitten? 😉


3 thoughts on “Grimm fairy tales – episode 1

  1. I remember the Princess and the Frog and the Cat and Mouse friendship week. I loved these stories but you are quite right. The original stories are not for young children…or not the young children of today.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I grew up on Disney tales, so I only ever knew the sugar-coated versions of these stories. I read the Grimms and Hans Christian Andersen when I was a teenager and I LOVE them! I think I hadn’t realized that there were other versions of the stories, so to find such dark and twisted versions was absolutely delightful. I still love reading tales by these authors. I definitely wouldn’t give them to a child, but absolutely to a young teenager.
    Good introduction to the series, can’t wait to read more! 🙂
    Also, love the Question Kitten. ❤


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