Vacations – what will I remember

Well hello there my dear friends!

I hope you had a nice time those last two weeks. I certainly did. I also had much less reading time than I anticipated, but I have no regrets :D.

Whether you want it or not I’m going to write a little bit about my trip, so you could maybe feel like you might want to come where I’ve been, see what I’ve seen.

Poland is a great place to visit. So many different places, various landscapes, beautiful cities.

This year I traveled where I haven’t been for ages – to our pretty, but not a very warm sea. I do prefer mountains, but as I wrote before – I wanted to get lazy and rest.

I think I don’t know how to be lazy….

Here are some photos for you. Click on any of them to open gallery and see the description. I’ll write few words bellow the gallery too.

Obviously it all started with packing, but you won’t see any pictures from that, although I have made one that shows how much place that huge book takes inside my suitcase. I hate packing. I always make at least two lists to check if I took everything and yet I always forget about some little thing. At least it’s good if it’s a not necessary item ;). This time I forgot about packing more tea… and a teaspoon. Luckily I wasn’t alone and my friend saved me :D.

After the not very long journey, we were finally able to get to our sleeping spot and choose better room of two since the rest of the party wasn’t there yet. And by better I mean the one with a terrace. That ensured us lots of visits from other rooms.

Going on vacations with a bigger group is awesome. First of all – if you want to have fun there’s plenty of you, you don’t have to look for some strangers to join you. You can also split into groups if a part of you doesn’t want to go somewhere and still have someone to accompany you. And finally – you can have this little bit time for yourself because others will be busy with each other anyway. I usually went with up to 2 people on my vacations (school camps do not count) and we usually kept together since there were so few of us. This year it was awesome. I liked it 🙂

But I’m wondering instead of telling you:

Where I’ve been and what I’ve seen.


We’ve started our trip from Jastarnia, which is apparently a great spot for surfers and kite surfers, from the bay side of the peninsula, and has some awesome beaches from the seaside. It also has the smallest lighthouse – only 18 meters.

This was the place that allowed me to finish “A study in Scarlet”. It was as good as I remembered.

Since vacation season was almost over we had plenty of place for ourselves but the weather was lacking. Sea was too cold (16 deg Celsius in it’s the warmest day) and we were under a constant threat of rain, but luckily it rained only once or twice at night.


Jastarnia is also a great spot for some short trips. We had a nice long walk on the beach to the next town – Jurata – to see their pier. A bike trip to Hel (more about that in a moment) and a short train visit in Władysławowo (we found the best smoked salmon there).

All those trips and I still managed to break some sleep and finish the second Sherlock book – “The Sign of Four”. First one was better, but I still like this one. I think it was more consistent as in the first book there’s this moment where you feel like you’ve just started a new book, a completely different story.

Making our trip to Hel a bike ride was a great idea. At first we were afraid of the weather as it was supposed to rain. It didn’t :). The weather was lovely, the road was nice although some parts of the bike road could use a replacement. The forest surrounding us was lovely with the heather growing everywhere. Even the bikes were quite good.

Hel - lighthouse

And what can you see there?

  • A lighthouse with a view of the end of the peninsula (well OK, most of the view are trees, but it’s still nice).
  • Seal Center, where you can watch cute seals being fed and doing some simple tricks few times a day.
  • Museum of coastal defense, some almost-forgotten bunkers all over the peninsula and some really cool guns :D.
  • Where Poland begins – the point of our country that is placed furthest to North.

Gdańsk - old crane

After those nicely spent days, we moved on to Gdańsk – our new trip spot.

Gdańsk itself has a lovely Old Town and few other spots in the city. It also has an interesting history, but I’m not going to talk about that. The most known and a must-see point for tourists is the old wooden crane. Quite a piece of technology for its time, well preserved and transformed to a museum.

Gdańsk - city hall

Worth visiting is definitely St. Mary’s Church in Old town – at least go inside and go to the top of the tower. A bit over 400 stairs leading to the top make a nice climb, but it’s worth it. From there you can see the city, listen closer to the melody played by a nearby church, see the tower of the City Hall from a different perspective, have a glimpse over the border it the weather is nice. But make sure to dress warmly as the wind up there is nasty.

If you want some lazy trip time, you can take a boat ride on the Black Pearl or the Lion ships.

And if you like modern art, there’s an entire housing estate filled with big murals. Most of the blocks there have paintings on at least one of the windowless walls.

By now I was in the middle of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” and my reading progress was very slow due to a ton of attractions all over.

Dar Pomorza in port

And another little trip – Gdynia. Actually I went there to see just one thing. You see, I really like those pretty sailing boats. No matter big or small, when they’re under full sails they look dreamy. When I found out that one of them – an actual legend of Polish sailing ships – just stands there and is open to visit I had to go. I’m talking about Dar Pomorza (Gift of Pomerania).

This thing is big! Sure, you can run it with 28 people on board, but it can take 200 more. That’s simply awesome and I wish I could sail on it, see it on the sea with the full wind. [sigh] Lovely…

Other than this lovely thing you can also see the worship Błyskawica (Lightning) anchored right next to Dar Pomorza, Great Aquarium with some lovely tropical fishes and few other attractions I’ll need to check on my next visit.

Malbork castle - outside

Now we’re coming to the first, and probably the best of those little trips – Malbork. Part of it was the great tour guide we got. He was passionate, he was interesting, he got us so tired we were almost cowling after 4,5 hours of, what was supposed to be a 3,5h trip at most. We were tired but satisfied. He answered every single question and if we had more – he’d answer those too. Right now I’m thinking of going there again in a year or two to visit every corner I haven’t seen yet and also the part that was currently in a renovation.

And here we are, at the end of my vacations. Coming home, reading just few more pages of “The Speckled Band” mystery.

reading on a trainI hope I haven’t bored you much ;). I hope you’ll visit some of those places one day. Or maybe you already have? If yes – tell me what were your memories. If not – tell me if after this you’ll at least consider going to any of those places?

10 thoughts on “Vacations – what will I remember

    1. I live in Poland :-). I like traveling abroad but this year we wanted to visit our own sea, see some of the beautiful places we’ve got here.
      You’re from Chech or Slovakia?


        1. Ooooh I love Prague. This city is lovely :D. And there are so many nice people there. I’ve been there few times already and I intend to go again.
          There are also many other places in Chech repiblic I’d love to visit. Most of them have castles 😉 but there’s also this lovely region in mountains – Cesky raj? I’d love to go there one day.


          1. Great! If you love castles, be sure to visit Castle Hluboka in the CR, it’s beautiful 🙂 (BTW thanks for the mentions on Twitter, I really appreciate it 🙂 )

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I just googled this castle and it looks amazing 😀
              Now I have to go there. Thank you! (and you’re welcome for the twitter 🙂 It’s nice to spread good things and with twitter it’s so easy)


    1. We didn’t use any agency. We like making our own plans and doing it by ourselves gives us more satisfaction and freedom of choice.
      I recommend starting with Gdańsk not like we did. We’ve started slow and moved on to a busy place. I think it’s better to end the trip with some free time.


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