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I was thinking… I’ve already started my vacation, and you know what I’ll be reading now, because I’ve already wrote about it πŸ™‚ but how about we have a little game? I have tons of paper books that I still haven’t picked up, how about you’ll help me decide which one of the six listed below I will read and review after my vacations. It wasn’t easy to choose just the six, but you’d be bored and resigned before choosing any of them if I put more books on the list.

And here are links to those books on Goodreads, so you wouldn’t have to search for them :):

  1. Shakespeare’s Landlord by Charlaine HarrisΒ  – first part of Lily Bard mysteries about an ex detective who has to face a new murder case in, what used to be, peaceful town. I’m fascinated how far some of the translations can go. I’ve got a Polish edition of the book and if you’d translate this title back to English it would be “Clean as a whistle”
  2. The Lost Goddess by Tom Knox – basically a thriller with some supernatural / paranormal stuff going on… well Polish title was exciting – Bible of the dead I had to buy it… you know it’s like right?
  3. Spring by William Horwood – first part of young-adult series where two protagonists have to save parallel worlds before it’s too late. From the description it sounds like a book about a journey, love and adventure with just enough magic to get them through all this.
  4. The Mammoth Book of Sorcerers’ Tales – an anthology of stories about wizards and wizardry by many authors most of whom I don’t know. Yet again my edition is a “part 1”. Polish language seems to be too long for some publishers and they tend to split bigger books to parts and in consequence we have to pay more πŸ˜›
  5. The Eye of the Moon by Anonymous – this time we’ve got a second part of a series. I’ve read the first one in 2013, so maybe it’s time to read this one too? I didn’t love the first book, but it wasn’t bad either. I’m kind of curious to know what will happen next.
  6. Blue Moon Rising by Simon R. Green – I loved the description at the back of my edition (which is just a part one of two). It goes something like this:
    • PRINCE male being, equipped with a sword and a magic horse, used to kill dragons and rescuing princesses.
    • PRINCESS female being, is used to marrying the prince (see kingdom, alliance).
    • DRAGON – large, scaly animal, known collectible tendencies. The most frequent cause of death impaled on a sharp object held by the prince.
    • UNICORN a horse with a horn, mounting it requires special qualifications (virginity).
    • DESTRUCTION OF THE KINGDOM caused by external factors [demons] or internal [conspiracies]. Difficult to avoid, unless you have a prince at hand (see the death in battle).

There it goes. Click and choose, you have time until the 13-09-2015 :). If you read any of these book, maybe you could tell me what you thought about it?


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