Ghosts and love

I seem to be reading a lot of short stories lately. It’s just this phase I guess :). Sometimes I get into those. Not really wanting to read a whole book or maybe in a middle of one that’s not as fascinating as it seemed. This time I put my hands on a little paranormal romance with some steamy moments :). Just what I needed at the moment.

This is a story of Martin, a paranormal investigator with no supernatural skills whatsoever, and Hope, a psychic who doesn’t really want to be found.

A man after midnightA Man After Midnight (Ghosts, Inc. Ghostly Shorts #5) by Bethany M. Sefchick

My rating: 1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full1437331089_Star-Empty

You can find this story on Goodreads.

It all starts with notes from a mysterious A. McKnight given to both our protagonists. Martin has to find and save Hope. As much as he hates to travel he really wants to get to her as soon as possible. In the meantime Hope is using her psychic skills to communicate with ghosts from the little town she’s hiding in. She’s not a trained psychic yet and she has no idea she shouldn’t agree to everything the ghosts propose.

Story contained enough background informations about our two main protagonists that we can picture them both clearly. It’s obviously a part of a bigger story. Both the beginning and the ending seem like author has more to say about them and also others. It felt like a pilot episode to a new series.

Hope and Martin have this intense attraction toward each other from the very first meeting. I know their relationship feels very sudden and maybe a bit forced, but I have to admit I didn’t mind. Maybe I was in a mood for this kind of read, but I liked it.

And as you can see – it’s part 5 of the story set. And there are also full sized books following the stories. I’m actually looking forward to reading the first one as I liked this author’s writing style. True, this is a hot, steamy romance at parts, but I’m still interested enough to read it :).



5 thoughts on “Ghosts and love

  1. Hi Magda, I’m getting really into short stories too at the moment, mainly because I’ve been working on some of my own. It’s fantastic like you say just to lose yourself in another story when you’ve already got longer reads on the go. Liked the sound of this one – will go on my list, thanks for the review! 🙂


      1. Today I was writing a kind of horror/thriller one, but character wasn’t fully formed enough so working on crafting a bit more before writing story. (Haha…I say working – she annoyed me so I came on to read blogs instead! But sometimes you get times where reading is more beneficial than writing!)
        Most of the ones I’ve written so far are Lovecraftian type short stories. Also working on a YA Urban Fantasy series of novellas based around Greek Mythology.


        1. I got chills when I hear Lovecraft’s name. I’ve listened to few adaptations of his works and I don’t think I’d be able to read the real thing ;p.
          The second part sound great 🙂 I love books based on mythology Greek, Roman ancient Egypt or the Norse myths.
          Have you tried Henry Lion Oldies retelling of Hercules myth? I Don’t know exact English title but it was a fun read. Or “Loki” by Mike Vasish and the companion short story set by the same author.


          1. I know what you mean – Lovecraft is one of the only writers who do horror properly…not like a lot of the lame horror movies we have nowadays! I signed up to Black Static Magazine lately though and they’ve had some stories that have made me shudder properly.
            Oooo…no I haven’t heard the Henry Lion Oldies retelling or read the Mike Vasish one, but going on my list – thanks very much! Will let you know when I’ve read them 🙂


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