Corn and shack rats

Do you remember Cael and his friends from the first Heartland book? Well here’s a short story telling us how Gwennie and he actually met and how it shaped their future relationship.

22522837The Wind Has Teeth Tonight: A Gwennie Story (The Heartland Trilogy 0.5) by Chuck Wendig

My rating: 1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full

You can find this story on Goodreads and Amazon.

Gwennie’s little brother disappeared into the night and she needs to find him fast, before anyone finds out he’s missing. There’s only one person who might have an idea on where Scooter wandered off to – Cael McAvoy. Gwennie sneaks to his house to ask him for help. Cael quickly realizes Scooter might be in big trouble and rushes together with Gwennie to an old processing plant, where the kid might be.

Old factory by KseniaYakushina on DA
Old factory by KseniaYakushina on DA

This story is really well written, kept in the mood of the trilogy. We’ve got a chance to see how Gwennie ended up in Cael’s crew, how they met and how their relationship had started.

It’s not a long read, but it’s still packed with action.

If you haven’t read “Under the Empyrean Sky” yet, this story is a good introduction to the world and to author’s writing style. If you have (and I think it’s better to do so, even though events in this story happened before the book) then you’ll get a bit more information and fun read from this one. Either way, I think it’s worth reading.

For those, who missed my review of “Under the Empyrean Sky” or are too busy to search for it, here’s the link: Heart of Corn.

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