Magical sense

Sometimes you should read a story just once. When you read it the second time, you start seeing the flaws.

11866326The Smell of Magic by Mike Lewis

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You can find this story on Goodreads and Amazon.

This is a very short story, barely 14 pages (at least that’s what Amazon says). I’ve read it for the first time few years ago and apparently I really liked it. This time the story wasn’t that good.

The smell of magic is about a witch hunter in training. Kelde is traveling with his master from village to village and uses his enhanced smell to Reveal future witches. The time had come for him to come back to his home village. He’s able to meet his family and his love.

Problem is, that during two years people change.

This story felt like an introduction to something bigger, but it seems there’s no continuation. It has a potential. Young protagonist, only starting his witch hunting life, he’ll have a lot to think of after the events in this story.

I like the idea of various magic skills having a specific smell. Person having a talent for shape shifting will have different scent than someone using fire magic.

For a story so short author manages to include everything that was needed to create a full image of situation. There was very little space for characters feeling though and maybe that’s why I didn’t like the story that much at the second reading.

When I got the story from Amazon it was still free, it’s not any more. I have to say, after reading it now, I wouldn’t recommend buying it.


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