Norse magic

As usual I was browsing through some fantasy freebies on Amazon to find a story that might be interesting enough, maybe a beginning of a series to have something for a start. There are thousands of books there and it’s not easy to get onto the one you’ll actually like.

I have to admit, I’m usually tempted by a pretty or an interesting cover, so I don’t always hit the spot. I’ve read many boring or simply badly written stories, or rather started reading, because I don’t feel that I have to finish every book I’ve started. There’s so many of them after all, so why would I coerce myself to read the book I don’t like?

Anyway, let’s head to today’s read and be warned, this one might contain some SPOILERS!

13641499The Light Keepers (The ShadowLight Saga 0.5) by Mande Matthews

My rating: 1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full1437331089_Star-Empty1437331089_Star-Empty1437331089_Star-Empty

You can find this book at Goodreads or Amazon.

This short story is an introduction to the ShadowLight series. Everything happens in Viking-like environment. Crackling snow, strong heroes and mysterious magic inside our heroine lures us into reading this story.

Story’s starting with a fight. At first it seems like a fight till death. Astrid stays in hiding to attack her mother’s lover. On her side is the element of surprise and her silence – she was unable to give any sound out of her since she was born.

This scene felt like instead of fighting they will simply fall into each other’s arms and make out on the snow right there and then. The way she described Balin seemed like she’s really into him. And few moments after that she’s staring at some young hot Viking on who she’s “spying” during shadowwalk.

Algiz the Protector Pendant by JenstoneCreations
Algiz Pendant by JenstoneCreations

Yes, at that moment I thought it will be typical PWP story. And to tell you the truth I still do.

This story has some good sides. Author did well using character’s thoughts as a manifestation of her feelings, showing her inner struggle. Since the girl can’t talk this is the only way she could present us with her opinions.

Then again it seemed strange to read about her contacts with others, especially her mother. It felt like the mother was answering to everything the girl thought. I guess I can understand that it might’ve been how those two were always communicating, so they naturally understand each other. I guess it just didn’t feel that natural for me.

And there was this weird interaction between Astrid and some strange man she just met during Shadowwalk. I completely couldn’t understand this sudden attraction between them.

Loki by maXKennedy
Loki by maXKennedy

Yet again I felt like he just wanted to drag her to bed and it was only because she was right there doing her shadowwalking thing. Well off course you can imagine him looking like Loki…

But even this couldn’t convince me to read the whole series. Hot villain is one thing, but some good plot is what I prefer.

Story is still free on Amazon, so you can check by yourself if you’ll enjoy the story or not. It seems it got quite many positive reviews on Goodreads.


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