Strange humanity

This book was not easy to review for me. When I requested it on NetGalley I didn’t know what I was signing up for. Then again, The Description says Hopkins’s stories are filled with “striking imagery, beauty and strangeness”. Whoever wrote that was completely right. Those stories stir up emotions in you. Some of those emotions are good, some not so much.

Fallin in love with HomonidsFalling in love with hominids by Nalo Hopkins

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You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I won’t be telling you about every single story, but I’ve chosen a few that caught my attention. First of all – don’t skip author’s introduction to the book. It show you how this set came to life, how long it took to write, what is it all about.

The Easthound” – here we have a postapocalyptic environment and a group of children trying to survive. Story is told from a perspective of one of the children, Millie.She’s afraid to grow up, just like other children. If they do they might catch a disease that changes adults into monsters. Her group is already afraid of their eldest member, but it seems danger can have any shape. Story has a surprising ending. All the time it holds you in suspense.

Message in a bottle” – it’s really hard to say anything about this story without revealing the plot. It’s all about art and future. It’s not a kind of art you’d expect. It’s easy to identify with the main character and see how unbelievable the child’s story is. I still can’t decide if the little girl was telling the truth or if she had a very big imagination.

Smile on the face” – that one I really enjoyed. It’s about a girl with a lot of complexes and a hamadryads myth. Girl hears a story about a wood witch from her mother and it seems sometimes stories become real. Ending was very satisfying and optimistic.

Emily Breakfast” – this story is very imaginative and at the same time it feels like it’s told by a child. You don’t often see stories about tracking cats, lizard messenger and dragon chickens. It was a nice and optimistic tale that broke the rather creepy mood of the other stories. Really well placed in the book too.

Evolution of human
Evolution of human by daffaananda on DA

All of the stories have some kind of fantastical or paranormal twist. Book title seems to match perfectly to the overall message of the stories. You can feel that author put all her experience and imagination into this book. On few occasions I was kind of bothered by the specific accent some of the characters had, like “At least me nah try fe chat like something out of some Englishman book.”, but that also fits in.

If you like books that are well written and stimulating you should definitely try this one.


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