Witch hunt

Prepare yourself for a dark story. Story about witches, but not the merry kind, throwing their magic everywhere. This one is from a historical point of view, where painted people chase young girls and women to use them in rituals and kill everyone who’ll stand in their way. It’s revenge for all the innocents killed during witch trials.

Here you will find a man with not so pleasant past, a witch looking for revenge and a girl who got in the middle of this all.

Salem's vengenceSalem’s Vengeance (Vengeance Trilogy #1) by Aaron Galvin

My rating: 1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full1437331131_Star-Full

You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

I picked this book up from NetGalley with intention to review it.

When Sarah and her friends sneak out to dance under the moonlight, they don’t expect to find real witches coven in their spot. It was supposed to be an innocent dance, but it turns out fate had something different planned for them.

When they finally get to the clearing, what they see are women with bodies painted with wicked looking symbols. Some of them look sick, their skin marked with blisters. Ruth, Sarah’s friend, was already waiting for her at the bonfire. She introduces Sarah to the leader of the witches – Hekate.

When Hekate ensnared some of the girls, Sarah runs away, dragging one of her friends with her.

Next day strangers come to town. For now their intentions are unknown, but it seems they bring news about witches.

Circle of witches by Scebiqu
Circle of witches by Scebiqu on DA

The book is written in language specific for the time period. That really worked for me and it showed that author cared enough to do the research in this area. Also Bishop speaks with his own Irish accent, that made him more believable, more alive. In most books you’ll just read that this character’s from somewhere else, so remember that. In this one you remembered anyway, because you could almost hear him talk differently.

All the characters are well developed, you know they have a past, some are even haunted by it. They also have a place to grow, everything they do becomes a part of them, changes them. All their decisions count and they might have consequences.

Netgalley put this book in YA and Horror – Thriller sections. As much as I can agree with the second choice, this read haven’t felt like your typical young-adult.

Author did a very good job with basically everything. Yes, I admit I like every piece of this story :). It was good from the very first pages. It’s one of those books, that seems to bend time while you read it. At one moment I was getting onto a train to go to work and, what seemed like barely few minutes of action-packed piece of book later, I had to get out already.

My advice – buy this book and read it!


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