Arrow through her heart

At the beginning I’d like to mention that I was tempted to read this book because it is about Robin Hood :). Yes, even though it’s pure romance, I just had to try it. As it happened I was lucky enough to win the giveaway on Goodreads and I’ve started reading this book as soon as I got my hands on it.

24696785Everything I Do (Rosa Fitzwalter, #1) by M.C. Frank

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You can find this book at Goodreads and Amazon.

Book starts with a boy, who’s not really a boy. Rosa, because that’s “his” name, found her way to Robin Hoods’ camp. She goes there to warn him about planned attack at a nearby village.

Her disguise is fine, but very soon all the important people see through it.

At first Robin behaves like he doesn’t believe in Rosa’s warnings, but still he’s ready to check if it’s truth rather than a trap.  Since everything checks out, Robin starts believing all the other information Rosa brings him. And she has a great source. Rosa tells Robin she works at Sheriff’s castle, but actually she’s sheriff’s daughter. She actually risks her life to help Robin.

Robin Hood by JessiBeans on DA

Throughout the book we learn her true reasons, why she wants to help Robin and what drives her to fall in love with him. Author tries to convince us Rosa is a strong person, that she can do everything by herself. As I see it – she can be strong psychically, but sometimes her decisions are strange and for me – stupid. Like her constant running away from Robin without reason and putting herself in danger. I have to admit, I rolled my eyes while reading this book a few times.

The book is well written, language used fits the time period and helps the reader feel, like they’re right there, joining the merry company, watching Rosa and Robin falling in love.

The problem is, even though they clearly fell for each other at first sight, they keep saying they can’t be together, keep running away from each other. After a while it just started to annoy me. Maybe I’m not that good with romance books. And the fact that she kept running away and he kept chasing/looking for her all the time. I think she was even close to death more times than Frodo in the whole trilogy, which isn’t easy to achieve.

All the characters seemed very black or white. I was hoping for some kind of twist when Ju showed up, that he would turn out to be a traitor and bring in some action, but I was a bit disappointed here too.  However adding sir Hugh as a potential candidate to Rosa’s hand was a good move. At first he At first he seemed very likeable and a good person. And then, like at a turn off a switch, his character changed completely. All of a sudden he was all evil, greedy and heartless.

This book had a nice setting and a fitting mood, but it simply didn’t work for me. Maybe you will like it though?


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