Beautiful… not

Always, when I pick up one of the super popular books, I feel thrilled and uncertain at the same time. Thousands of people love the book, they write all the positive opinions, but what if I’m not going to like it? What will I write?

“Beautiful creatures” is one of those books.

Beautiful CreaturesBeautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles #1) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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You can find the book on Goodreads and Amazon.

I picked up this book because of the movie. I know it doesn’t sound good, but that’s the truth. It was just coming out to cinemas and we have those Wednesdays with low prices at our favorite cinema. Sometimes we just pick a movie that doesn’t sound bad, just because we want to see something. Not all of those picks are good…

Anyway, back to the book. After we reserved our tickets, I’ve decided to pick up the book before seeing adaptation. I like to do that, even though it provides me with spoilers. Since I was already reading another paperback at the moment I went for an audio book, that I could listen to at work. It was nicely read and I did enjoy the song that was coming back throughout the reading, the one created for these lyrics:

Sixteen Moons, Sixteen Years
Sixteen of your deepest fears
Sixteen times you dreamed my tears
Falling, Falling through the years

The book started just like many teenage dramas. It wasn’t a bad beginning. At that moment I thought that this book might have potential.

First we meet Ethan. A student who dreams of getting out of this town. He hates it here. All the people, stagnancy, no prospects for the future. His only escapes are books. Now it’s his last year at school and at its end he intends to move out to study somewhere else.

Lina is a newcomer to this town. She’s not like other people. She belongs to family of casters, who lived in this town for years. Others think them strange, treat them almost like outcasts.  But Lina has a bigger problem than that. She’ll be turning 16 soon, and for caster it means she’ll turn to either light or dark magic. And she keeps thinking she’ll join the dark side (yes, I couldn’t resist to use that expression 🙂 Star Wars all the way!).

Beautiful Creatures - Dark and Light
Beautiful Creatures – Dark and Light by Heabuur and Viruul on DA

There are some things I liked in this book. I had some good time reading about Ridley messing around with everyone during school party. That girl knows how to bring life to this little town. And then there’s Lina’s uncle. I really liked this guy, but I usually like weird people with power. Or without power. Sometimes weird is enough :). Oh and there’s also the caster’s library. That seemed like a great place. I could spend days in there .

Lena book room
Lena’s book room by AngelsSilverWings on DA

I guess these were all the good things in this book. I couldn’t stand all the “oh my god, I’m going to go dark” throughout the story. Especially after Lina herself said, that for mortals everything is either black or white. It seemed to me that’s exactly how it was for her too. It’s like she just decided, that her fate is already written somewhere in the stars and she has no free will, no choice of her own to do anything with her life. Besides, what kind of magic system is that you have to go dark or white? Why can’t you just do your magic in whatever way you like, some nice and some not so much? It would actually be better if she was born to either dark or light instead of letting her wait till she’s 16.

And then there were all those visions. I get it, authors wanted to show them piece by piece to keep readers wonder what are they all about, but it simply didn’t work for me. It’s like their timing was all wrong.

I had many moments while listening, when I thought “that’s enough”, but I guess I just had to know what will happen next and how will it all end, like some wicked siren told me to read on ;).

The ending was rather messed up. Kind of a high school drama but on a bit higher level. Not much higher, but still.

And the movie… well maybe I shouldn’t be listening to the book just before seeing the movie because I think it was really bad. Some things that made sense in book were completely lost in adaptation. My friend, who knew nothing about the story, thought the movie was just fine. Not a masterpiece, but not so bad. I just can’t say that. Maybe I’ll watch it again some day to review my opinion.

The book started just like many teenage dramas. It wasn’t a bad beginning. At that moment I thought that this book might have potential.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful… not

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  2. aentee @ read at midnight

    I appreciated that the book tried to do the whole gender reversal on human girl-mystery supernatural creature dude thing – but it was so bloated I never actually got through it. Also can’t fathom how there was enough plot to spawn 4 books- maybe that’s why literally nothing happened in the first one.


    1. Wow there are 4 of them? I really stopped caring after the first one. I’ve stepped into few more books like this that had some weird amount of 4 or 5-star reviews and were really horrible. I never got myself through reading Twilight or 50 shades of Grey. I have no idea what’s all the hype about. Or maybe I’m just not a teenager any more and that bothers me? Then again… Neverending story was great and it’s actually for kids 😀 I’ve read it like 2 years ago.


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