Solaris by Stanisław Lem at BBC

I have something different for you today. Instead of reviews I’ve got a proposition for some listening. There’s still 3 more days left for you to listen to part one of Solaris at BBC:

I bet you’ve already heard of this book. I know there are millions of books out there, but this is one of the SF classics. I have to say it’s a must for every sf fan out there.

dramatization of Solaris
link to dramatization of Solaris

Forget about the movie with Clooney! I might have a sentiment for it, but let’s face it – it wasn’t very good. Weather you’ve already read a book or not, this dramatization is a good one. Two episodes 1 hour each are either a good reminder or an encouragement to read the book with all the fascinating details, philosophical thoughts and just a little bit of space madness.

I never understood this saying “to Lem a book” I know Lem’s books are not easy to read, but they are really well written. I got to read some of the stories in my primary school from “Tales of Pirx the Pilot” and “The Cyberiad” and although I probably haven’t understood them then, I already liked them.

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